The act of researching things on
I was googling to no avail.

Googling 1971 Dodge Chargers is impossible.
by KimberlyAnn March 04, 2009
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1. A way to pass the time at work.

2. A method by which one can surruptiously stalk the hot chick in accounting who is oblvious to you existance.

3. How I found a Paris Hilton download.
'Jetson, your googling will cost you your job'
by Frankie Hollywood December 23, 2003
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when one esp. a male ejaculates into his hand and then profusely rubs his face with his own semen or signifigant other
i started googling myself when my girlfriend dumped me
by Drakethacrusty March 25, 2009
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Using a search engine (esp. Google) to cheat and find the answer to a trivia question, originating from a trivia channel of a chat server.
<Trivialuvr> Kick Bubbles, she's googling!
by Fwa. July 08, 2004
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This literaly refers to the act of going to and searching g-o-o-g-l-e.

However, this is actually a very dangerous act. Googling google is like playing Russian Roulete, crossing the streams (Ghostbusters), or a hole in the space-tme continuoum (Back To The Future). What ever you do, do not google 'google' if you wish to stay safe.

It is BAD
Please, let me drive you home... you have had too much to drink... you don't want to be googling google on a night like this.
by Twartacus June 12, 2006
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