Drugs or drug-related items. Ex: weed, pipe, rolling papers, tin foil (heavily smoldered), baggies, visine, etc.

Mostly illegal items.
"Hide your contraband, the po-lice are coming!!"
by torey February 6, 2005
Amazing album by Velvet Revolver, who played at the Hyde Park Live 8 in London.
by Sabs15 July 21, 2005
Phrases, Words, or even material such as racist YouTube videos that white people share with each other but would never show their black friends.
Person 1: I say fellow white person, search for ______ on YouTube. I found it racially hilarious.

Person 2: HAHAHA, but make sure the niggas don't find out, thats Nigga Contraband.
by NCPhoenix95 October 31, 2010
A used tampon placed in a plastic bag. The person who carries bloody tampon contraband is eager to be searched. Repeat offenders often carry bloody tampon contraband to discourage unlawful searches by police and other authorities.
I hope that cop tries to search me again, this time I got a present for him. When he reaches in my pocket this time all he is gonna find is bloody tampon contraband.
by clausemic November 4, 2012
The opposite of contraband (desirable/valuable items which you do not own but wish to possess), this term refers to decidedly UNdesirable/useless items (heaps of trash, bald tires, hideous-looking/sloppy-fitting clothing, etc.) which ARE indeed legally yours, but which you strongly wish to get rid of.
I got busted for "non-possession of reverse-contraband" when I was attempting to dispose of a truckload of moldy mattresses by throwing them into a ravine.
by QuacksO August 19, 2017