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Song writer, singer and publisher, Makes original songs and remixes existing ones. Can be found on YouTube, Spotify and iTunes.
Person 1: Heard CG5's new song?
Person 2: what is it?
Person 1: Masterpiece (not the one you're thinking about)
by SkeletonGuy November 15, 2018
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Song writer and singer of original songs and remixes. Popularised by Spotlight and Absolutely Anything, both Batim songs.

Also see: CG5
CG5's real name is Charlie Green.
by SkeletonGuy November 29, 2018
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1. A device used to play video games, popular consoles include Xbox, PlayStation and Wii.
2. An important part of computers, and prompts.
3. Command Prompt let's you access your computers innards.
I was playing with my computer's console commands!!
by SkeletonGuy November 13, 2018
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Dragonball is a long running series of TV Shows, Movies and Comics. The story has a plotline around an alien boy named Goku, who teams up to fight evil and find the 7 illusive Dragonballs. The Dragonballs are used to summon a dragon named Shenron, who can grant a wish. On Namek, Frieza attempted to use the Dragonballs to gain immortality.
Person 1: Ka... Me... Ha... Me...
Person 2: why are you acting like some Dragonball guy
Person 1: coz Dragonball is epic
Person 2: Kill me
by SkeletonGuy November 13, 2018
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OK, let's get a few things straight. We need to save this site. If you REALLY want to be noticed, try not repelling people from the site with defenitions of things like shovel penis and dickhead. Not needed. Just not good everyone. try harder. Please. For the good of the site. Help make Urban Dictionary great AGAIN!
We're getting closer to fixing urban dictionary. good job guys. if this definition doesn't get past, remember it. Please. if nothing changes things will just get worse.
by SkeletonGuy December 9, 2018
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the fictional race of Goku, Vegeta and Raditz in Dragonball. Powered up forms are Great Ape and Super Saiyan.

Dragonball is an epic show
Person 1: Time to go SUPER SAIYAN!!!
Person 2: Stuff You
by SkeletonGuy November 23, 2018
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Patrick can be a good friend, or a terrible asshole. Treat him well, he's gonna repay you, else, he will wreck you.
Damn, that Patrick kid is thinks he's soooo cool.
by SkeletonGuy November 2, 2018
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