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A play on the word Research.

The event when students in college are reading for homework, research & essay writing, but gets bored and stops after a certain amount of text, then goes googling things, and/or searching on facebook, youtube, twitter, myspace, etc. Then later return to the reading, only to repeat the process. This extends the time required to get through a reading assignment and often adds hours to the task.
(1)Derek: Hey Sarah, did you finish your essay for the term?

Sarah: No, I tried to write it, but kept getting distracted by read-search. I think I'm going to fail!

Amy: That article on the human genotypes was so long and boring! Why did the professor assign it?

David: I know! I couldn't read it in one seating without read-searching! It ended up taking hours to finish reading it!
by Lexitonina April 13, 2010
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