To ask for a piece. To ask for some.
Deep Bronx slang, usually used when your friend has food and you want some. Pronounced pee-cee

“Ayo, pc on those fries,”
by bronxtwang February 8, 2021
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PROTECTIVE CUSTODY,pc is a term thats commonly used in the canadian carceral system to define inmates that cant survive in general population.
by RICOG$ October 31, 2005
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Personal Cut - what was once yours is now mine.
"If you wanna smoke yur crack in my crib you gotta give the house it's pc."
by green earth observer October 8, 2006
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When your in a chatroom people might tell you "pc me" which means private chat me. So only you and the person can talk.
BlondeCrzyGal:heyy zac pc me
DeadChicken789:blah blah
Litterbug2321:blah blah
by Ryan Woods January 14, 2008
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short for ‘politcally correct’; spelled in the lowercase except under unusual circumstance, and may or may not be seperated by periods {pc\p.c.}.
I am not the only one to find it sickeningly preposterous how many ignorant kids these days will buy immediately into this pc bs found in their middle-school and even high-school textbooks incorporating hackneyed elementary phrases which their teachers do continue to teach as proven fact to their lied-to pupils, including such phrases as "In lands controlled by Muslims, the Muslims were required to show tolerance for the religious practices of Jews and Christians."--excerption from p.15{Prologue,Section2} of 'Modern World History: Patterns of Interaction' published by McDougal Littell ©copyright C.E.2005.(Have you actually read what the Qu'ran\Koran states for yourself or seen any of the commonplace bombing which takes place on a daily basis in the boundary-disputed Middle East over just that?)
by Victor Van Styn October 1, 2005
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aka worst thing that happened to the world
I wish I could say the truth, but that's not PC. LOL, I guess it's just some BS I'll make up on the spot then
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