Someone who finds things, usually missing things.
Guy 1: I found what you lost, your porn collections. Thanks to me, the finder. Try not to masturbate or nut, it will damage the penis.
Guy 2: Ok thank you.
by LeilaSP March 19, 2019
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a woman who tries to find the dick;in search for a small penis
Kara became finder to Frank's fritter.
by Nick-ster November 5, 2007
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Findering: The act of using tinder using someone else's profile.
Person 1: Dude what are you doing on my phone?
Person 2 : Bro I'm findering for you.
by Red283 August 1, 2016
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Its when you're looking for something for a long time and then cecily decides to try and finds it within minutes, the FINDER.
"Hey what can i say, im just the finder. '' - Cecily ~
by imaroosterillusion January 8, 2018
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An intense conversation that is often one-sided and emotionally volatile that continues without stopping, crescendoing without a peak or end in sight.
A long conversation that ensues about politics, banking, illegal drug use, etc. - lead mainly by one individual who continues to beat the figurative horse to death until any others involved in the conversation wish they were elsewhere. Might be referred to after-the-fact as "There he goes, again. Had another Finder Moment."
by Smmidget February 1, 2017
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Weapon attachment in Black Ops 2 for guns that lights up red when someone is in your crosshairs. Widely employed by scrubs who can't aim.
Guy camping in corner with Lsat + Target finder: Man I'm pro!
by Thatperson4321 March 21, 2013
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One who finds or looks for spum in their partner's under garments after girls night out or returning from "Oh he is just a friend's house"
Steve was very distraught when he found a large deposit of spum in Evelyn's purple panties. After she last seen at the Hammer man's. Hence SPUM FINDER
by bozbone August 14, 2006
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