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1: bits of marijuana stashed around the house for later smoking when the normal supply has run dry
2: bits of marijuana left on a table, book, etc when rolling a joint, to be gathered up for smoking
Chris: Let's get high
Adam: I'm all out, so let's look around for some scrumplings to smoke. I know I dropped some by the coffee table and stashed a rainy day nugget in the freezer.
by MCH51 October 23, 2004
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A slightly derogatory term for a young annoying person shorter than yourself.
Little kid: Blah Blarg Yak Ug
Person 1: "Dude, your little brother is so annoying!"
Person 2: "I know, he's such a scrumpling."
by Pontmercy June 02, 2007
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When something is scurrying about.
ie. Noun
WOMAN: "Hey Matt, did you ever get rid of those bugs in your house?"

MATT: "Yeah"

WOMAN #2 "How did you know there were bugs in your house?"

MATT: "Because I saw them scrumpling around my house (simultaneously twidle fingers while saying the word scrumpling)."
by S.Carter September 17, 2007
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