Fully taken care of; Killed

English (UK) slang
That bugger got propa fucked indnt ee?
by Seth April 10, 2005
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To get extremely drunk....or hammered....
I just found out my girlfriend has the clap...I need to get "proper fucked" tonight...
by WISIS October 17, 2006
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To be formally and officially fucked.

What Pat is on this test.
Bush proper fucked the States.

That u-haul just proper fucked that guy on his bike.

After missing his shot in the brick champion ships, Billy got proper fucked.

The legal system proper fucks minorites.

Rossy O'Donald proper fucked that snack bar.

The Romans proper fucked Jesus.

by Pat November 20, 2004
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When you are truly put in the position that no matter what happens after that point, you cannot win whatever conflict you are currently involved in.
Well what happens if they catch the rabbits? Then they're fucked proper, Tommy.
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NOUN. The sexual act of taking it the point of sheer ecstasy and jubilation; complete and utter satisfaction. Leaving one wanting for not.

Syns: break, escapement, flight, getaway,
Man, if I am not fucked proper soon, I don't believe I can survive.
by Kimberly Ann March 3, 2006
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