A certain species of people who like to bhangra, smoke gravity bongs and hit the juul
Wow bro, you're a big time scrota the way you be dancin when you're high
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by ThePartTimeGeeber0012 January 30, 2019
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the plural form of "scrotum"

In my gross anatomy class we desired to know the plural word for scrotum. We came up with this word, only to learn from the professor that it was correct. She has her PhD in reproductive physiology... I think she has some credibility!
Hey dude, were you at that scrota fest last night?

Yea man, those dudes had some hott balls.
by sassypants0913 April 30, 2013
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A group of 2 or more teabaggers.
There was a scrotum of teabaggers outside whining about blacks and Mexicans.
by lokisdad March 21, 2010
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its yo nutsack its the thingy that makes you want pussy and where the cum is stored
i have a huge scrotum
by kev b January 03, 2006
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the sac of flesh wit balls between my legs.
last night jenna jameson was licking my balls just like the last 2437562983465 guys and boy was it a lovley tea party.
by g-papa May 31, 2005
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