1. A person, usually a man, who takes pleasure in exhibiting his private parts to random people in public. A cliché flasher wears a dust-coat, flabs of which he spreads in front of his victim(s).

2. A person who interupts tennis/soccer or any other kind of match by running onto it naked. Flashers do it usually without a particular reason, for the sake of doing this.
Ad.1 While I was going to meet you I came across a flasher, lurking in shrubs. He had nothing to be proud of!

Ad.2 Kournikova was to serve when a flasher burst in and ran with his fingers V-shaped.
by necrotism May 21, 2006
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an old buss pass or travelcard which you flash in front of the bus driver in the hope they won't notice.
i have bumped drivers with flashers many a time. i'm so skilful, i don't buy tickets at all.
by Casper Valentino December 12, 2005
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Tom mayne pulls his penis out in public making him a flasher
by Tom mayne December 08, 2019
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noun A super-heroic person who repeatedly performs feats of inhuman strength.
"Did you see Flasher throw that bicycle?"
"Yes it was at least 30 feet"
by George Plimpton III August 04, 2012
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A pussy who got his ass handed to him from someone from Norwood and now ridicules the whole town. This worm probably got thrown out of a local establishment because he was slapped by a girl who he was rubbing his little pecker against. This troll still lives with his mom and will never be able to afford a house. He has multiple DUI's and carries weed like he is a big time hood. It's just a matter of time before he takes it in the seat which will ultimately lead to the demise of his wothless life.
I was the BEST alter boy in town, they called me flashers.
by WhothatsWho April 13, 2011
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An obese and usually smelly high schooler, with low self-esteem who enjoys to play internet flash games to feel like they are good at something.
Jeff: "Billy is such a flasher"

Will: "What a fat fuck"
by Hiney Spanker April 27, 2007
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A long coat usually ankle length in order to conceal the flashers naked body until he / she is ready to expose oneself to an unsuspecting passer by
I was walking through the park one day when all of a sudden a man in a flashers mac exposed himself to me
by Edna85 August 13, 2009
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