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Acronym for Super Capitalists Ruling Over The Unwashed Masses.
The very real irony of the incoming president filling out his cabinet with SCROTUM is that none of them has any real balls.
by paulpaxman January 16, 2017
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An adorable Shetland pony wearing a tiny hat at the at the state fair.
Susan: "Hey Tony, you want to go to the state fair?"

Tony: "Only if I get to pet scrotum!"
by G.andy18 February 28, 2017
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Scrotum, is a sack of skin,
Scrotum, it keeps you testies in,
Don't overload them or you’ll explode them.
by The Song Master July 30, 2008
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This is the nutsack for you unedumuhcated folks.
See nutsack
My scrotum was itching like a mother so I shoved my hands down my pants and scratched until I bled.
by Falken January 16, 2003
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A small purse made from left over elbow skin. It's purpose is to hold your balls.
"If it hadn't been for my scrotum, that swift kick to the balls could have been worse"
by Alan Mclauchlan July 24, 2005
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the wrinkled pouch of skin that hangs behind the penis between the man legs holding his testis. The scrotum has a seamlike structure called a raphe that runs down the sac and continues to his anal hole, it seperates his testis from banging into each other.
My scrotum gets sweaty and smells a bit so I have to wash it.
by DeMarkest April 16, 2008
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