a scrotum of teabaggers

from TBogg: at firedoglake.com, 3/20/10

Courtesy of Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-Lollipop Guild) we present a snapshot of <strike>a quantity a bunch a multitude a large crowd</strike> a scrotum of teabaggers who descended upon the Capital today...
by Tehanu March 21, 2010
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It's a wrinkly patch of skin *scrotum* and it holds my tesicles in *scrotum* it's SCROTUM!!!!!
Damn my scrotum is itchayyyy

don't you mean your balls?

No silly they're inside my scrotum
by Ayyybaybay24 August 18, 2009
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A big boy word for Ballsack, Mostly used with Fancy folk
“My, My, Rodrick has a rather large scrotum!”
by ShaiKai June 12, 2019
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House for cute little wormy things that will eventually turn into people.

Also sometimes known as a ballsack, testicle protector, bowling ball bag, cherry cover, huevitos, bag, ballpark, bawbag (Scottish), bean bag, bollock sack, coin purse, codlings, duffle bag, dulap, footbag, knapsack, mud flap, nutsack, sack, scrot, scrote (Australian), sporran, tea bag, treasure chest
Bruh you came from a scrotum lololol

*looks at newborn baby*
Without my scrotum, you’d be nothing.
by Smartguy987654321 June 03, 2020
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Collective Noun for a group of Cyclists
Sorry I am late, I was stuck behind a Scrotum on the way here.
by Synik16 March 11, 2020
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