With the scrotum you don't have the need to carry your balls in your hands.
by jstgo January 07, 2017
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The sac that holds the testes the epidiymus and starts creating sperm.
I dickens Elise so hard she had an orgasm and she was touching my scrotum the hole time.
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by Suck him September 30, 2018
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Describes someone who’s a bit of a bitch. That someone that always wants to fight but will never do anything. Often stalks girls along with not having a single friend.
Oh look, it’s β€œscrotum”!
by Jonyb17 November 01, 2019
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The most amazing name you could ever name your pet. Or even scrote can be used as a nickname for your pet scrotum. A choice you would never regret
Hey scrotum, sit on my lap!
Hey, stop licking me, scrotum!
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by thereelkk October 11, 2018
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