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A search through online engines from a computer keyboard or other electronic keypad.
Oh, Caroline? She's off on another one of her fingertrips through Google...
by paulpaxman November 28, 2012
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Acronym for "Biggest Liar Of The United States."
What are we going to do when we cannot possibly believe anything BLOTUS says any more; he lies most of the time.
by paulpaxman January 10, 2017
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To vote against a candidate.
I'm going to vote to negelect the Republican Presidential candidate.
by paulpaxman August 12, 2012
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A group of official Presidential Advisors who are blatantly racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, and otherwise driven by mendacity in service of hate.
We've had Jackson's "Kitchen Cabinet "to go along with the regular "Parlor Cabinets" but before Donald Trump no-one had the audacity to nominate a Linen Cabinet.
by paulpaxman November 15, 2016
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Photo-op feminism is a brand (off-brand?) of the real thing where a poser will do or say anything (especially in front of a television camera) to get herself (okay, sometimes even men do it too) seen or heard as a hero to women everywhere. The more unreal the claim, the more outrageous the behavior.
When Sarah Palin winks at the camera she's teaching us all we need to know about photo-op feminism.
by paulpaxman October 31, 2009
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The idea that since every man (and his gun) is needed for the common defense of the group, any one man's behavior, short of murder, must be tolerated, even including mild insanity and such serious crimes as rape. (From the Afrikaans voortrekker word 'laager' - a circle of wagons forming a defensive perimeter, as when the days journey was done and the group settled in for the night)
When the cop shot the unarmed perp his buddies closed in with their laager mentality and made a thorough investigation of the facts impossible, intentionally misplacing evidence and confusing investigators.
by paulpaxman October 31, 2010
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A woman of beauty beyond belief, with infinite patience and love unbounded for children and all other living things, an artist of exquisite skill and talent exceeding all measure, who has the world at her feet yet never fails to gladly suffer fools such as I.
That Annette, she's all over my bones anytime I crash her crib, man, she's the tits, the dope, the bomb, fo'shizzle!
by paulpaxman February 5, 2010
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