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Using semen as toothpaste or as teeth whitening gel to whiten or strengthen teeth because semen contains calcium and zinc, both of which prevent tooth decay.
My dentist recommended that I try cum whitening treatment and was even kind enough to offer me some of his semen to use as toothpaste and as teeth whitening gel.
by cantbetheking November 23, 2013
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The bubble that forms around the top of a cup after a guy has ejaculated his semen into the cup and then put the cup into the microwave for a minute or so. The guy usually then takes the cup out of the microwave and pops the bubble with his erect penis which causes a blast of warm air to be shot into his genital region.
After having sex with the snowman I made, I decided to make a hot cum balloon with some semen I had stored in the fridge so I could pop the bubble with my erect penis and thaw out my frosty shaft.
by cantbetheking November 8, 2013
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A very rural part of Chester County, Pennsylvania adjacent to Delaware and Maryland. It is home to Kennett Square, the mushroom capital of the world, though a lot of the mushroom farming takes place in nearby towns which causes the stench of manure to be present in those towns as well. It is also home to Lincoln University in Lincoln University, PA and the Herrs Snack Factory in Nottingham, PA. Quite a few Amish people and buggies can be seen if you visit the town of Oxford. PA 41 is the most congested route in the area. Other towns in Southern Chester County include Toughkenamon, Avondale, Landenberg, and West Grove.
I live in Southern Chester County. I'm surrounded by farmland yet I'm only an hour outside Philly. My closest movie theater is in Delaware.
by cantbetheking August 31, 2013
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The skin under a guy's dick that surrounds his balls and is quite stretchable and fun to twist and play with.
I enjoy standing in front of a mirror, spreading my legs, and watching my scrotum just hang and dangle.
by cantbetheking August 30, 2013
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When your pubic hair outgrows the length of your dick and gets so thick that it covers your dick and balls entirely to the point where all you can see when you pull down your undies is a jungle between your legs. If you are outbushed but don't find that you have really thick set of pubes, then you probably have an embarrassingly small penis.
I am so incredibly outbushed that my pubic hair can actually support the seven ticks that are living in the jungle between my legs.
by cantbetheking November 3, 2013
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Alright, now who's the cocksucker who had a diarrhea attack and left their ass puke all over the toilet seat?
by cantbetheking July 22, 2014
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When an uncircumcised male pinches the top of his foreskin and then begins urinating, the inside of his penis fills up the same way a water balloon would if you filled it with water. Thus creating a penial water balloon. It is fun for the man to then aim and let go to try and get all the urine to splash right into the toilet bowl, although he will pretty much always miss completely and splash his urine everywhere else.
Making a penial water balloon is a good way to clean out all dirt and gunk that constantly gets trapped under my foreskin.
by cantbetheking January 5, 2014
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