Laughing Out Loud Obnoxiously Lengthily On-Line

A lengthier version of LOL.
I want to emphasise how much I'm laughing out loud, by typing too many letters in a three-letter acronym! LOLOLOL
by The Spelling Fairy October 24, 2009
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a condensed version of lol-oh-lol. excessive laughing.
Hey, Peter just hit on that hot nerd
Who? the blonde Peter?
by g33f on twitter February 22, 2011
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please put this in. i’m begging you. i have no will to live anymore. this is the only thing that will make me happy :)
please lololol
by jduejwnsdh September 18, 2019
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Lololol is a good term. It was created by 2 vidyachari(s), yedi and noobdi last year in December. This term is used now by most of the neet aspirants in unacademy and some DC and among us users
that guy was so funny lololol
by aryanwnr01 October 3, 2021
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