Gentleman's purse or handbag often called a murse, often an unwanted gift from a well meaning girlfriend
Jack: hey Joe, have you seen my scrotum ?! It's got my cell phone and keys in there !
Joe: Oh you mean the man's sac Jill brought you from Italy ? No I haven't
Jill: Cut it out guys, its called a man's bag. I have it over here
Joe: Typical!
by jackandjilland joe January 08, 2012
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My scroum is mt castle. I got a stinky mote around it and if any man tries to get near it, I will defend it like it was the queen of England....don'y fuck with my scrotum....damnit!!!!
Don Congdon touched my scrotum thru my pants and I knocked him out with one haymaker.....CHAAAAAA!!!!!!
by plazmo@inwave.com January 10, 2007
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Testicular tissue that contains balls. A wrinkled crinkled bag of skin.
Scrotum, scrotum. A wrinkly crinkly bag of skin that I keep my testes in. (Most impressive if sung).
by f*r November 10, 2013
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the bestest guy friend in the whole wide world with a giant shlong tom screeton
1. maaan, that tom screetons massive. i want a piece of his scrotum.
by grace and becki May 23, 2008
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An obsenitive used by small kittens.
"Oh Scrotums!"
by Matt Fletcher November 27, 2003
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noun- Literally short for scrotum - as applied to the female gender. When a female, is so useless and insignificant that they do not deserve the tiny effort it takes to spit out a second offensive syllable; less than a scrotum.
"just say no to crack" was all I could think of as I watched that snivelling scrota crawl the room on her hands and knees looking for a rock....
by JiggydudJiggydude April 29, 2019
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A sac or patch of skin containing testicles
The mans scrotum was damaged so he may have trouble with his testicles
by Hedgehog5506 April 29, 2018
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