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Mid eighties to mid nineties british youth cult. Recognisable by bad haircuts, ratty scooters such as Lambretta or Vespa and a love for obscure and rare soul, ska, punk andpsychobilly. Often found in pubs in run down seaside reorts.

Not a mod
Oh look theres another pissed scooterboy
by FB November 26, 2003
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A rider of a manual gearchange Vespa or Lambretta motorscooter. Wears an MA1 flight jacket and Levis' 501s. Hair cut to skinhead or flattop.
The scooterboy was desperate to fix the brakes on his Vespa P series so he could get to the Isle of Wight rally.
by Mark October 25, 2003
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A vestige of the 1980s youth subculture revolved around hotting up and cutting down Italian motorscooters as a reaction to the Italian and US fashion styled Mod revivalists.

Today's scooterboy is now middle aged, married with children and with the same labouring job he has had for the past 30 years. He wears combat trousers and shoehorns himself in the same Levi denim jacket covered in ratty rally patches and sewn-on bar towels he had in 1983 to show you his legitimacy. Attends scooter rallies to drink himself into oblivion in solidarity with other scooterboys, partially because that's what he did when he was 17 but mostly to forget his current sad existence. Can't stand any scooter that isn't a manual two stroke Vespa or Lambretta. Loves to get verbally abusive and threatening towards anyone in the scooter scene but outside his narrow social group.
Repeats the same stories about getting drunk at rallies in the 1980s, riding mates' scooters unlicenced with no lights throughout the night before crashing. Often he will write these stupid stories down and send them into Scootering magazine to be published. Also, after having been shown how to operate a computer recently by their kids, they have discovered that getting on the internet while drunk and abusing other scooter riders, mods, or blow-ins (someone who bought a scooter after they did and therefore have illegitimate views or rights to go to rallies or other scooter events) gives meaning to their existence.
I was going to attend the scooter rally but there will be far too many drunk, fat and balding scooterboys dancing to Dexys Midnight Runners.
by Darth Plonk February 11, 2015
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Little boy who rode scooters in the 80`s. Now either biker or looser.
That scooterboy will never grow up!
by Fuksta December 11, 2003
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1) Matt Arguin
Skuetr Boi

He was a scooterboy
He needs to be neutered boy
He always wheeled right up to her
He tried to give a chase
His legs were a disgrace
We need to bury him in the earth
by t-guild August 08, 2003
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