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Someone who thinks they are a modernist or trys to relive a youth (they think they actually had) of being a hip young teen/20 in the 1960's.
They fail miserably and become a pastiche and laughing stock.
Commonly seen wearing 'branded' parkas a piss pot helmet and riding automatic Vespa scooters or cloned Lambrettas covered in more accessories than a bathroom showroom.
Female partners although rare often wear PVC mary quant fancy dress.
Comedy mods infest the Isle of Wight any august bank holiday which sadly become a magnet for these failures of fashion.
Unable to cut the mustard at the official MOD rally in Brighton they plague the scooter rally in the Isle and deprive proper scooterists of B&Bs, bar and dance floor space.
by terry fuckwitt1 July 13, 2011
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