A non-obscene way to say motherfucker.

Features in "Human Tornado," the title song to the 1975 blaxploitation film "Dolemite," sung by Rudy Ray Moore as the badass pimp title character.

Usually used in a flattering/respectful rather than insulting sense, such as "bad motorscooter" in place of bad motherfucker.
"I've been known to rise up / Sooner or later / I'm a bad motorscooter / I'm the Human Tornado" - Rudy Ray Moore as Dolemite
by Rob T Firefly April 19, 2011
another word for yes, typically used when annoyed or answering a question you don't want to answer. A way to keep them guessing.
*your graphic designer just sent you over the 49th draft of a new logo you want*
Graphic designer: can we finally agree on this?
You: motorscoot
by trisefulaiden January 7, 2018
60's slang for cool or heavy guy. Positive description with a twist of humor. The "deep" indicated someone who was accomplished BUT it could be used sarcastically to say someone was shallow when they thought of themselves as deep.
by Markie D June 13, 2013