A biker is some one who not only owns a motorbike but rides it for pleasure as well as mere transport. They tend to be a friendly bunch but any who crosses them will be "persuaded" not to do so again!
by Mortuus February 25, 2004
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The fundemental difference between being a biker and owning a motorbike is that the first has some stories to tell. The second has a surogate penis.
A Biker belives any bike is good.
by somethingorother July 30, 2003
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A biker is a man who rides an american made cruiser most likely the kind of HARLEY DAVIDSONS but not limited to amercian made cruisers although owning a cruiser is a must in order to fit into the biker catagorie. A biker dosent just take his bike out on the weekends but he rides on all night and day whenever his free time permits and often pulls off to the side of the road to nap for a few hours from riding so much and in order to sober up just a little bit . A biker will then wake up and smoke a bowl of some medical and drink out of his flask of 151 and continue on untill work needs to be done or his lady needs to be done , one or the other will get the true biker back to home base . The biker spends every sunday not at church but on his sidewalk in front of his home washing and waxing his bike and saying sweet things to here while drinking a 40 oz of some kind beer and upon end takes off and rides into the sunset not to be seen untill morning sometime . His hair can be long and the biker doesnt care about showers , cologne , nice clothes , or any other sissy boy shit that most proper office working pussys care about and simply he just wants to be one with his bike and second his girly . A biker will be quick to fight you no matter if he gets his ass beat or not and is not afraid of spending a few nights in jail . The true biker loves his momma , hates his daddy , doesnt know if god exists , and believes in no life after death . Although fierce and full of rage for the most part dont take him for being a bad human being because a true biker cares about women and children and will go out of his way to help them anytime of day and will even help out his fellow man if possible . Just dont mistake kindness for weakness and the biker will always be on your side .
Getting shit faced and putting on my mc vest , firing up the davy and going for full night rides is the best thing in life . The sound of the 96 ci motor on the dyna in the silent night on a lonely desert road makes me feel like theres someone else there with me to listen to all the shit ive got to tell it . and i do .Biker for life baby .
by DRUNK IN PUBLIK September 22, 2009
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Somone who rides a bicycle, or a motorbike.

Bikers that ride kids bikes are called bmx riders. Most skaters are afraid of these people.

Cyclists that ride road bikes are simply a 'cyclist.'

Someone who wants to save money on gas.

Bikers who ride motor bikes are motobikers. There are two different categories in motobikers. Ones who wear tight leather, wear do rags, and have facial hair sometimes no hair on head. Or the ones who ride crotch rockets that have a noisy higher pitch tailpipe. Ladies usually ride on the back end of motorbikes.

A person who rides two wheels.
Ex 1: "I like to cruise down the road on my bicycle"

Ex 2: "Yeah, that truck to 180 out was stylin broo!"

Ex 3: "Lance Armstrong rides a bike really fast in Europe."

Ex 4: "I took my bike down to the store because gas prices are too high."

Ex 51: "That guy in black leather that just came into the bar; he's a biker."

Ex 52: "I head that GSX-R fly down the road, it looked like he was hittin' 90 in a 40!"

Ex 6: "Many people in this neighborhood like to ride bicycles."
by k1d_d0wn_th3_$tr33T July 15, 2008
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biker is a bosnian nationalist

biker is pretty awsome
holy shit look its biker hes real
by youalreadyknowbiker November 11, 2021
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A code of conduct akin to honor when motorcyclists are on/around thier rides or associating with other motorcyclists. An unspoken unbiased understanding that everyone who chooses to ride any machine with a set of handlebars and a saddle is welcome to this international family. This code of conduct is identified with every riders salute, when they stop and provide support to fellow riders seen posibly broke down on the side of the road, and shown in any other form of lawful assistance or encouragement to continue safely as motorcyclists.

Being a biker is not a title one grants themselves. Is not part of a criminal elliment, or openly advertises to be part of one. Is NOT someone to be feared. Finally a biker EARNS this title in thier hearts by how they conduct themselves and is perceived by their brethren as such. It is a title one can lose and re-earn by those actions. It is the badge of honor one values as a motorcyclist.
I busted my chain I was on the side of the road, and a biker stopped and had an extra master link to help me get back out on the road.
by SUR Mike April 22, 2019
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Adjective. A word used to describe clothing that is too tight. Name originates with biker shorts.
The dude's pants were so bikered, I don't know how he walked.
by Non-bikered dude February 1, 2005
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