1.Considered the Panama City for high and middle schoolers.

2. Where dumbass kids come to try their first cigarettes or get a bj.

3. Tourist trap.

4. Place where the rickshaw drivers get laid constantly by fund 15 year old sloots.

5. Where SWHS students go to fuck every bitch and tell all the tourists they're locals cause there is nothing better to do.

6. Where cops just want to ruin the fun and illegal;) activities of kids at 10:30pm.
Bro let's got to seaside and look like we're frat so we can get some dome by some middle school girls
by The honest truth April 7, 2015
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Where sloppy nasty dirty ass stinky wanna be gang members are from.
That lop stinks like ass he must be from Seaside.
by 8durty1 March 3, 2019
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Seaside herpes are obtained when you follow a trend and go to seaside for spring break and hang around a bunch of people during a pandemic and hook-up with 12 people in one sitting
Oh you went to seaside this spring break?? And you was around Eliza, Ava, Bella, Claire, Chloe, AND ASHLEY???? You got me FUCKKEDDD up if you think imma spend one more second around yo seaside herpes havin basic ass
by Traukiee March 15, 2021
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an silly looking fellow from north jersey/new york who comes to new jersey coastal towns for summer weekends. generally has no manners and drives expensive cars. usually dresses somewhat like a girl. wears clothes too small for him. goes tanning. gets his eyebrows waxed. wears sneakers/shoes in the summer. has spiked/blown out greasy hair. spends way too much money on self gratification. impossible to miss. litters on the beach. ruins the local coastal area for everyone else. thinks he is better then others. is a nuisance to locals.
"I woke up this morning and there was this seaside tony sleeping on my lawn so I turned the hose on him and he scurried away."

"Look at that seaside tony over there, hes got girls sunglasses on inside and hes drinking a smirnoff ice, what a homo!"
by rvb June 13, 2006
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When you bring a borderline chick home from the bar/boardwalk and all your bros watch you bang her in your filthy motel room.
Bro were you blacked out when dom was hosting the seaside circus last night
by SupDuden2mu July 12, 2011
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The condition resulting from a men's bathing suit mesh getting filled with sand while frolicking at the beach, usually collecting in the area surrounding the perineum (sbab, taint, grundel, gooch), and bringing forth a gritty discomfort.
I still am walking bow-legged as result of the raging case of Seaside Sbab I got at the beach last weekend.
by funkalicious1975 August 25, 2014
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One of Led Zeppelin greatest but most underrated songs ever.
A song that i made my girlfriend listen to and made her a huge Led Zeppelin fan
Dude. i wanted to go down by the seaside but i couldnt find the confounded bridge.
by ilovemaddy January 26, 2009
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