A form of small wheeled motorcycle with a space between the forks and engine space. (A wordscooter/word)
Produced mainly by the Innocenti company in Italy between 1948 (?) and 1974 (?) they are arguably one of the finest designed motorcycles ever.

Much loved by Scooterboys
Damn clutch has gone on my Lambretta again.
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a make of scooters that has branched out into the fashion industry making jeans, t-shirts, bags etc for both men and women. Very cool brand popular with mods. most fashion garments have a scooter on it some where.
my boyfreind has a gorgeous pair of lambretta jeans and is gettin a scooter to match!
by Cazstar July 29, 2005
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Italian word, meaning unreliable form of transport.
Look at him stood there at the side of the road with his Lambretta.
by Mr Know All July 26, 2011
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stylish, great looking scooter.Unlike a vespa they will break down!they are also good at choosin there moments too.so it will be on the way to a scooter rally in the rain.
ha ha look at him on lambretta broke down, get a vespa they will get you there.giv it a wash an your mudgaurd will stay rust free.
by LIAM VW September 6, 2005
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Great t-shirt company who make superior clothing with a scooterboy logo on the front.
by Ass December 6, 2003
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