In Other Words. When what you've said is way too confusing to understand by the normal troglodyte, IOW can help you clarify your position.
This joint is off the hook. IOW, this establishment serves my purposes quite succinctly.
by condemned2Bfree December 1, 2009
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In other words
That girl is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen, IOW, I WANNA FUCK THAT ASS!!!!!!111111
by brandon ramirez January 14, 2004
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In Other Words. Varient of IOW.
Dutch treat means everybody pays for themselves. IOWs, it's not a treat at all.
by Nab March 22, 2007
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A group of clowns who constantly log when anyone joins to stop people from finding the child porn on their computers
IOWS are clowns
by L bozo January 19, 2022
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A school full of rich ass white people with no personality. If you want to go and get cultured, never visit Gilbert, Iowa.
by March 11, 2021
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