The dirty drop of ball sweat mixed with nasty fremunda cheese hanging in mid air between your balls and pants.
"Dude my schmegma had like 3 seconds of air that time"
by Frank Bertolli April 22, 2008
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An unidentified, often gross looking substance on door handles, refrigerators, phones, people etc. Schmegma can be found just about anywhere.
There is schmegma on the wall. Schmegma is falling from the sky. Is that schmegma on your face??
by Just some lesbian January 07, 2005
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(n) the white shit that gathers in the corners of one's mouth after eating stank rotten pussy or sucking dry dirty dick
Wipe your mouth before you hit the bowl Todd, you have shmegma lips!
by todd murphy March 02, 2005
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The act of removing dick cheese with one's finger and slinging it into one's eyes.
My girlfriends cooze gushed upon recieving my schmegma blaster.
by Bob February 13, 2004
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Fermented deposits of white chunkiness on or under the foreskin of a dirty European wang. These deposits can often resemble in smell that of blue cheese crumbles or Limburger.
She gets a lot of UTI’s because her boyfriend keeps pumping his dirty schmegma cheese infested wang in her day and night.
by Shamuslovespopsicles December 21, 2018
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Eating the sticky substance formed in the uncircumcised skin of the penis due to poor hygine.
I went down on him and had a schmegma picnic.
by jupiter6921 May 28, 2005
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It's the hot steamie,cheesy offencive smelling shit, your boyfriend takes right after you finish butt fuck'n him.
boy my little man muff'n that SCHMEGMA-GAGMA-MAGMA shure makes your shit smell like shit! love you my mud pie
by BIG STEVE IDAHO January 16, 2008
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