The zombie one among the cheeses—it smells as bad as, if not worse than, a pair of dirty socks.
In spite of its pungent smell, blue cheese is arguably regarded as "quality cheese"—it's non-cheap cheese for the sophisticated palate.
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by MathPlus October 01, 2016
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Blue Cheese is a cannabis strain. Its genetics are Big Buddha Cheese x Blueberry. Big Buddha Cheese is the UK's number one strain.The Blueberry was bred by DJ Short in the 1970's.
Fire up some Blue Cheese!
This Blue Cheese is pretty dank.
by Stickybuds January 10, 2013
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Someone who is absolutely terrible at what they do. It would take too long to describe everything wrong with them, so you just settle with "Blue Cheese".
Person 1: Did you see him miss that easy layup? He needs to retire immediately.
Person 2: Yeah, he's totally blue cheese
by PeePeePooPooShire April 02, 2012
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When a girl gets double penetrated by a burly black dude and an oriental midget while coated in thick ranch dressing.
Yo, you know Stacy? Man, I blue cheesed that bitch last night with the Chinese midget I met at the gas station.
by Toss my salad fingers March 30, 2014
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This is a blueberry marijuana strain, It is based off afghani, With a relatively short flowering time and high yeild makes this strain great for closet growing.

Flowering time: 8 to 10 weeks
Yo, is that the blue cheese ive been hearing about!
by g00000000000gle bob October 18, 2006
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Some strong-ass bud that fucks you over if smoked irresponsibly (e.g. in a blunt). Make sure that there is at least 5 people hitting a blunt of this, otherwise there is a strong possibility of you turning into a vegetable-like state
Shit mannn, he hit the blue cheese blunt and now just sits there all day watching tv
by CocoaBud June 12, 2010
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