The decidedly unfavorable way that you consider someone's erecting a new batch of chain-link fabric across a road, pathway, property-border, or other previously-open/unrestricted area.
Daffy Duck found the invisible boundary-line that was created to protect grizzly bears during hunting-season to be highly offencive, and so he fumingly made assorted attempts to defeat said barrier.
by QuacksO October 8, 2018
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No offence, usually said right before someone horribly insults you. It removes guilt from them and so they can say anything, however cruel without feeling remorseful.
Tony: "No Offence, but you look like you fell on your face when you were born."
by 56jack87 December 15, 2009
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Said purposefully straight after a direct insult to take any heat off.
Your a dickhead, no offence
by ChopStiR January 20, 2011
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1. A phrase said in embarrassment after accidentally insulting someone.

2. A phrase used to crudely draw attention yourself, and the fact that you're about to say something offensive.

Say "No offence, but..." -
and everyone within earshot will have paused to hear the outrageous insulting gobshite you're about to come out with.
A: "No offence, bu-"
by tiggly April 8, 2005
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An excuse to insult someone. Anyone who uses this word is a tool.
"No offense, but you're a fucking chink honky dyke skank turdburglar nancy."

"None taken"
by Didda Tinkle May 24, 2004
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Making fun of someone, but telling them to get mad.
With saying No Offence:
Mike:Hey Bob
Bob: What?
Mike: No Offence dude, but your mom is fat.
Bob: oh its cool

Without saying No Offence:
Mike: Hey bob
Mike:your mom is fat
by Scrooge McFucks Honey Bin January 9, 2011
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What one says after realising one has said a slightly racist, sexist, homophobic or other comment in front of a person of the supposedly offended social group. The person will typically reply with "None taken"
A: That nigger's an idiot!

B: *looks round*

A: No offence

B: None taken.
by Gumba Gumba May 20, 2004
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