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Prefix used to devalue a concept. Used combined with the original word, and often used in rhyme.
ELAINE: Jerry, we're friends! We can't do that, it would ruin our friendship.

JERRY: Oh friendship... friendship, schmendship.


Peter: The Pope says it's wrong to use condoms!

Horny Bob: Oh, Pope schmope, he is a conservative nazi jackass anyway. And by the way, condoms schmondoms! And Religion schmeligion too.
by andy111 August 23, 2006
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works well in degraging a name in a simple ryhme..

often used is schm-
"So have you gotten over Robert?"

"Yeaaahh - like, Robert Schmobert!"
by womoma April 15, 2005
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prefix to say in front of any word; to degrade in some respect
Schman, Schi schate schou.
by El_Scorcho August 24, 2003
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Omnipresent prefix in German. So many words use the sch:schwamm,schere,scherenschnitt,schadenfreude,schule,schultasche,schlampe (don't ask what does this means).
GermanGuy1337:Ich kann schere der scherenschnitt von der schwamm schule schultasche,schlampe,und schadenfreude du.
GermanCritic420:And yes again,that's a literal German phrase!
by NonBad February 25, 2020
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