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The type of guy you underestimate at first,but then you realize that he was the best thing that ever happened to you. He's different than any other guy you've met before. You wish that one day you will get to kiss him,whether it's on the cheek or on the lips. And for some, he WILL be your first kiss. Either that or you really want him to be. He's really caring and you know that he cares tons about you. Your relationship might be "complicated"with him right now,but never let him go on and leave your life. It would be the most dumbest and stupidest thing you ever did.
Girl#1: "even though I broke up with Robert he still wants to kiss me and he looks past my mistakes"
Girl#2: "Wow. I wish I had someone like that"
by Solèaugust2004 April 19, 2017
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A very awesome, smart, and funny young man. He is very nice to others and he gets all the ladies. Robert is a very wise man. He works his way out of a situation and he will take your breathe away. He is also a great war machine! And friend.
Hey.... There's Robert. That cool kid.
by War Machine Pow Pow October 22, 2016
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The most caring and sweet guy you'll ever know. He doesn't think he's special but once you meet him, he'll be the most important person in your life. He jokes around a lot and always tries to make other people happy. He'll do anything for the people he loves and tell them how much they mean to him. When he loves, he loves with his whole heart and gives it to you hoping you won't break it. He takes a while to actually open up, but when he finally does, you'll know that it was worth the wait. He's an overall amazing person and anyone is lucky to be loved by him. If you ever find a Robert, don't let him go because he'll literally be the missing piece to your heart. He'll bring so much happiness into your life you'll forgot what it's like to be sad. No matter the distance, he'll be there and he'll love you.
Robert is and always will be the love of my life.
by pandasrock September 03, 2018
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Robert is a sweet caring guy that is just a weirdo sometimes. He can sometimes be a bully but other times can be the only person by you side. There are times that he just needs to chill,"He needs some milk" He is like a bestfriend to everyone but can sometimes trip and fall. He repeats alot of sayings and just watches strange videos. He can sometimes leave you texting yourself but he will reply at some point. He is usually a nerd.
He's is sooooo great, he has to be a Robert
by Crazy_Definitions_ May 25, 2017
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Robert is a nice warm hearted type of guy. He's gorgeous and the best to be around. And the best around the girls. He is the best kisser ever and uses his tongue in great motions ;). Anyways he's just a great guy he can keep secrets treats you well and he's really funny.
Hey I had so much fun last night. You were probably with a Robert.
by Qmmp March 14, 2017
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Robert is completely amazing. He is sweet. He is caring. He is funny. He is everything you could wish for in a guy. Ever though he is a bit cocky everything else makes up for it. He knows how to cheer me up or make me laugh. If only we lived closer maybe something great could happen. But being best friends is enough! Love you !!!!! ~ 3rd best friend
Wow that guy is a Robert!
by Your 3rd Best Friend January 29, 2016
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The Roberts family are absolute legendary, they are amazing and sexy. Smart and intuitive, except they get crazy. They are rich and wealthy, they like their tea strong.
We are probably Welsh too.
β€œCrickey, he rich as a Roberts”
by Monica Foloola Geller October 20, 2019
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