the situation where words at the end of lines in a song, poem, or plain speech sound alike. although not always the case, typical rhymes occur every other line.
"no one is safe,
no one can hide.
til chaos is spread,
our fun won't subside."

"ice cube will swarm
on any mothafucka in a blue uniform.
just cuz I'm from the CPT,
punk police are afraid of me.
a young nigga on a warpath
and when I'm finished, it's gonna be a bloodbath
of cops, dyin' in LA.
yo dre, I got somethin to say-

"you know the day destroys the night,
night divides the day.
tried to run,
tried to hide-
break on through the other side"

"there's a little bit more to show.
i got rhymes in my mind,
embedded like an embryo."
by the storm drains April 13, 2009
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When a person, most often a singer, attempts to rhyme to words that are exactly the same. Most often it seems that the artist could not think of another word that fits so he/she repeats. Sometimes, however, it works out wuite well.
Akon (I'm So Paid)-Number one hustler in MONEY, why you wanna count my MONEY?

Avril Laveigne (Nobody's Home)-She wants to go HOME, but nobody's HOME.

The capitalized words highlight the usage of the Rhyme Rhyme
by DantheMan1117 January 10, 2010
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A verse that flows.
''dat sure woz a tight rhyme, boy he can flow''
e.g ''there's a million of us just like me/ who cuss like me/ who just don't give a fuck like me/ who dress like me, walk talk n act like me/ n just might be the next best thing/ but not quite me'' - shady
by Brendan April 7, 2003
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1) to tell a story which is based on facts and actual events, however some facts are changed or added.
2) to embellish
3) to lie (to an extent)
Chris: Look at Benmont over there rhyming to that chick.
Keith: Yes she is a very attractive young lady; he has been trying to impress her all night.
Jason: Yea, but do you hear that story he is telling her. He just told her that he pushed the Camaro out of the snow -- that is not what happened at all, it was I that pushed the Camaro out of the snow because my arms are bigger. He just watched and played Skee-Ball on his iPad. It's ok though, I won't bust up his game.
Chris: Haha. Who needs another beer?
Keith: I do, make mine a Boiler-Maker.
Jason: Hmm, I think I am gonna switch to Chardonnay.
<phone rings>
Jason: Excuse me for a moment, I need to take this call from my wife, she must have just woken up.
by modena January 13, 2011
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Something that the guy above me can do pretty well.
These are my rhymes.
This MC doesn't write like hes from the street,
Just knows how to bounce to the rhythem and beat,
Not listening to him rap about drugs and hos, i admit its neat
I found this guy when reading views about Kanye West,
I don't know bout this guy when but I think he's the best,
Write a better song, put you to the test,
If you can better "School Spirit", spit it here we all wanan hear it,
But you know you can't step do half he's done,
In the rap game he's new but already my number one,
Back to the word that I'm defining,
I lose my mind when I start Rhyming,
Sometimes I do it just to pass the time,
My heart skips when I spit a good line,
I can't do it all the time, only on occasion,
Probably because I'm not black, only caucassion,
by Tyler B T-Shine June 23, 2006
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This guy above was already scraped once.
Haha he probly look like a stupid dunce.
See when i rhyme i catch u off track.
Your the great MC well then i must be the Mac.
i wouldnt be that cocky if i were you.
You aint that good you're pretty boo boo.
See look beside your rhymes where is says 9 thumbs up and 20 down. I be so good ill rip ya heart out and stomp it on the ground. You know what you're about as lucky as a 4 leaf clover. KNow why cause im done hatin on you this is over.
scrape mac boo boo rhymes stomp
by Maccinjealousy24 May 18, 2008
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The phrase that people say when something rhymes.

Make people who say it sound a bit cute.
Tina: I'm about to eat ass and smoke grass. Hey! - that rhymed.

Cindy: Neat.
by Kiwi_Punk November 6, 2021
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