A scale to measure how "scene" you are compared to others.
A "Scene" scale as done by Kelly A. and Jacki V.

Scene Points Scale.
-5 points:
Liking metal seriously
Fake Piercings
1/2 point:
Each pins/buttons
1 point:
Using adjectives from the late 80's/early 90's (i.e. rad, gnarly, rockin', etc.) for each word in vernacular
2 points:
Each studded belt
Dyed black hair/short
Each tight shirts/pants/track jackets
Thick rimed glasses
Each gaudy belt buckle
Each clothing bought from a thrift store
Having hair with bangs longer than the rest
Each trucker hat
Each plugs/body Piercings
Referring to bands as acronym
Each scarf
Mountain climbing key thingy
Each pair saucony/new balance/ converse shoes
Each livejournal/myspace/friendster account
Hollywood Undead
Owning Fiddle Faddle
Black eyeliner
Use of 'Kthxbai' 'Lykkeeoommgggzz' 'Oh Emm Gee' etc.
Each Tie
Being Pale
Eating Mac And Cheese at least 3 times a week.
3 points:
Reading books over 300 pages long
Aspiring photographer
Vegetarian diet
Messenger bag
Knowledge of swearing in foreign languages
Bright Makeup
Hearts/stars next to your eye (with eyeliner)
Fake Tattoo's
Trying to be Gangstuh.
4 Points:
Getting pictures taken in a photo booth
Wearing a bandana around your ankle/neck/wrist
Watching/Loving Disney movies
Fake Pearls/beaded necklaces
5 points
Clapping during midpaced part of a song
Working at an Indy record store/health food store
Being in a band
Attending hell fest
Writing poetry
Tea aficionado
Participating in "the mosh"
Riding a bike
Liking metal core
Straight edge
Food not bombs participation
Vegan diet
Being a camera whore
Having a binder/notebook/planner covered in Band logos/stickers
Hanging out at coffee shops
Being 'Electrikk'
Adding 'xcore' to things
Collecting Sobe/Jones Soda bottle caps.
Photoshopping pictures.
6 points:
Angling your pictures
Polka Dots
Fingers pointing to head in the shape of a gun
Having Sleepovers that include Dance party's to Spice Girls
<3 instead of I Love You
7 points:
Still collecting Pokemon cards
Guns that go bang bang
Pictures with squirt Guns
Having the 'I must be emo' song on your ipod/mp3 player
Being Bisexual
Actually knowing songs by Sunny Day Real Estate/The Spill Canvas/ Moss Icon
Having a Faux Hawk
8 Points:
Only showering once a week and/or self greasing hair
Having the Pokemon theme song on your ipod/mp3 player
Starting a Moshpit
9 points:
Being offended when someone calls you scene
Lover of Catcher In The Rye/The Perks Of Being a Wallflower
Memorizing the Masturbation part of Perks Of Being a Wallflower
10 points:
Moldy peaches fan
Vinyl collection
X'd up mosh gloves
Attended 20 shows or more in a year
Love for Poptarts/Ramen Noodles
Others questioning your sexuality. (Guy? Girl?)
More than One energy drink per day
11.11 points:
Wishing on 11:11
30 points:
having a myspace group for yourself.
Infinity points:
Dying while moshing.
Sex with the lead singer of a scene band
by KellyA September 10, 2006
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Scene points are a way of measuring how trendy or scene someone is. Also called scene cred. Teenagers used to joke about scene points but now more and more scenesters are taking it seriously.

As a scene kid, I don't really worry about earning scene points. After a while, you just start doing scene things without having to think about it.

There are ways to incorporate your own style into your look while still being a scene kid. Follow these guidelines to earning scene points and do what feels comfortable. Either way you're still kind of a conformist, but whatever. You can't please everyone no matter WHAT you do or look like so if being a scene kid appeals to you, then wtf, just go for it!
things that will give you scene points:

-being sickly thin (can be accomplished by being vegan or developing an eating disorder)
-being totally conceited, or just acting like it
-going to hardcore shows
-having myspace, livejournal, aim, etc (extra points for every X or scene word in your username)
-using a lot of scene lingo
-being artistic (desEnter away message text here.igning your own clothes, taking pictures, writing poetry, being in a band)
-shopping at thrift stores/good will
-Claiming to be at least two of the following: vegetarian, vegan, straight edge, bisexual, hardcore, unique (whether you are or not is a completely different story)
-being pale
-hanging out at the mall, cafes, shows, any place in public where there might be other scene kids (I mean, what's the point of spending an hour on your hair and makeup if you're just gonna sit around at home?...unless of course you're taking myspace pictures)
-collecting hello kitty, pokemon, carebears, etc
-staying on myspace til 4AM
-Dating a scene person of either gender (regardless of what gender you are)

-bandanas (in hair, around neck, on wrist, in back pocket)
-beaded necklaces
-fingerless black gloves
-big gaudy rings
-Mood ring
-lip ring(s), nose ring
-Big plastic earrings
-a really expensive cell phone like a sidekick or enV and texting CONSTANTLY
-camera to take pictures of yourself, shows, your friends, and random artsy things
-tote bags
-oversized bags
-any purse that's massive, shiny, sparkly, or just stands out
*beware of messenger bags. those are usually classified as emo
-pins and patches or really obscure bands
-studded belts
-white belts
-always have massive sunglasses (wear them over your eyes when it's bright out and put them on your head when you go to shows)

-skinny jeans
-flats (any colour or design on them will work)
-converse (black lowtops go with everything)
-leggings (black, gray, brown, striped, or neon)
-tight band shirts
-thermal long sleeved shirts
-mini skirts
-striped/polka dot shirts
-shirts with hearts, rainbows, stars, dinosaurs, birds, or just anything that looks scene
-ankle warmers
-striped scarves
-layered tank tops
-frilly dresses

-pin straight hair is a must-have
-hair in one eye
-layered bangs
-DIY hair cut and dye (the more colors and layers the better)
-bows, barettes, headbands in hair
*scene kids NEVER wear their hair up in a pony tail. low pig tails are acceptable
-hair extentions
-black hair with blonde streaks
-hair must be HUGE
-half platinum blonde/half black is a good style as long as you can pull it off
-lots of hairspray

-tons of black eyeliner
-bright pink blush
-neon eyeshadow
-clear lipgloss
(scene kids don't usually wear lipstick, however, the trashier you look, the better)
by xScenexPrincessxLizx May 27, 2007
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an elaborate system for calculating popularity commonly joked about among scenesters and scenester wannabes. everybody know what they are but no one will actually admit they exist.

for example, these things give you scene points:
-straight edge
-black hair over face
-collecting vinyl
-having obscure band merch
-wearing tight pants
-being friends with bands, promoters, etc.

these things make you lose scene points:
-wearing volcom, zero, hurley, etc.
-liking good charlotte
-asking for an autograph
-driving (scene kids walk/take the bus)
-having anything to do with rap
-getting a tan
Aw fuck! I can't make it to the show tonight! There go my scene points.
by xbloodlossx June 18, 2004
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The funniest part of the scene. I think people take it too seriously. Basically, if you do something scene, you shout "SCENE POINTS!" It never gets old.
by Mae!!! September 17, 2006
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An elaborate point system created by the true sXe kids. Often used to determine who is the most sXe member of a group at any given time. You can get scene points by doing various activities, such as:

1)punching people in the face
2)wearing an Atreyu shirt
3)wearing a leapord print belt
4)wearing girls pants
5)dying your hair black
6)taking the bus/ walking places
7)hanging out at the mall
8)regularly attend concerts
9)only talking to people in bands
10)being sXe (straightedge)
11)being drug free
12)practicing brotherhood
13)taking pictures of yourself from strange angles
14) having a tough face while taking those pictures
15)wearing makeup (preferably eyeshadow)
"Hey GuyZ! Anyone caTch that TasTe of CHAos ToUr! My ScEnePoints Are almosT maXxXed!"

"Lets go do windmills. I'm running low on scenepoints."
by Ethan Stivers June 27, 2005
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credit you get for doing certain scene things like or envolving:
-saying 'rawr' a whole lot
-having choppy clone hair
-being "in love"
-fingerless gloves
-myspace profiles tellin how cool you are ***cough*insecurity*cough***
rawr! lyke omgzzz i get a jillion scene points for this dinosaur tee!
by philphleira nachitaki October 6, 2006
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Stupid activity played by fresh cuts (old school term for "noobs") that earn them the disdain of those who were in the thick of things before they bastardised it all.
A quick way to get the shit kicked out of you at a "HxC" (gayest way to write it ever) show since true hardcore kids dont do their hair like girls nor dress like them. Sorry kid with bleached streak of hair in face, youd get your ass beat down bad at a show in the late 80s-early 90s.
Scene points and scene whoring go hand in hand and often involve:

Being obnoxious and taking pictures of everything trying to pass yourself off as somekind of legit photographer.

Buying every last bit of merch you can afford (or rather your parents).

Wearing that new merch for weeks on end to show how cool you are to those on the outside.

Sucking up to bands and pretending theyre youre friends after a brief encounter.

Bragging about guest list entrance after female scenester has banged every member in band. *coat rack*

Throwing straight edge around like a badge and not just a way of life for those who CHOOSE it.

Buying their studded belts at hot topic.

Ruining everything that is holy in their sight.

Noob Girl: I just totaly screwed all of the guys from Alexisonfire! It was so HxC!!!!!
Old School hardcore "kid": Oh you sure got your scene points...fucking coat rack!
by Lawn Mower March 9, 2008
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