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When two people love each other very, very much they earn the nickname "choppy".
by CHOPPY4LIFE February 25, 2017
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An expression used as an alternative to "Chop chop"; said mainly to motivate somebody to complete a task; usually pronounced in a high-pitched voice. See choppy chops.
"Now children, complete questions 1-25 in your workbooks."

(Children begin talking amongst themselves.)

"Come on guys, choppies!"
by Burak Haliloglu April 16, 2006
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1. relates to small cutish females with tiny bottoms and big tits (define tits, 2. slang term relating to affectionate manner referring to ones spouse.
C'mon choppy, what are you doing?
Don't go near that choppy over there, she's mine.
by tony March 04, 2004
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refers to a cute girl with a small body, but not necessarily skinny.
yo, that choppy is nice
by slim September 29, 2004
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Used in a situation where a (usually pathetic) individual is lying out his/her ass about some sort of conquest.
Guy 1: Ya man, I was out with these 2 girls last night and I ended up having a 5 way with them and their moms in my F150 Lariat. Then I raced Vin Diesel for pinks and owned him.

Me to others: It's getting a little choppy in here....
by IIIEZ__ March 09, 2010
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Verb meaning to chop your dick off. Usually only done in extreme cases or in would you rather.
Me: Would you rather eat shit every day for 3 years or do a choppy?

Dave: Thats a tough one but i think i'd have to pull a choppy..
by ChopMaster September 05, 2012
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