Situation: Don dropping lil dude out in his car

Don: hey mate, can I stop at chemist and pick up the medicine.
Lil dude: nah man, can you drop me home first..
Don: take the bus you fucking wanker!!!!!!!!!


lil dude: hey Don, can you stop farting in the office?
Don: Take the bus you wanker!!
by MagdaIsReal January 8, 2022
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Get lost (said to someone as if they cannot afford their own wheels, a cab, or limo.)
Eddie: Yo' sister has a dope set of hoochies.
Freddie: Take a bus, junior 'fore I bust a cap in yo' nasty ass !


Eddie: I call shotgun!
Eddie: Take a bus, loser.
by 209 fo' evah July 5, 2010
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The act of taking the late bus, meaning to walk out from a school event with one or more friend, your excuse being "to take the late bus".

A sarcastic remark to let people know that they don't need to know where you're going or what you're talking about.
"Hey Margaret, let's go take the late bus!"

"Yeah, let's ditch play rehearsal for a while."

"What are you guys doing?"

by bustaker April 30, 2009
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to ditch a school event of some kind and talk shit about bitches
"dude, i hate bitchy people"

"Ohmigod, I know, lets go take the late bus"

by girlygirl726678 October 30, 2009
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Gay "code" for saying you're about to go and get sodomized.
Where you going?

I'm taking the bus

Well alright, be careful son
by AJiwnl September 19, 2023
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It is the same as Money talks and bullshit walks, but this phrase was said by Leonardo Di Caprio in the movie The wolf of Wall Street
People with a lot of resources accomplish things, the others take the bus and do nothing or little.

One guy says Hey I did that mega deal working at night : money talks and bullshit takes the bus
by Ernie58 August 4, 2017
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