The origin where new media content is distributed from online, typically in the context of pirated movies and such
The scene still hasn't released a rip for Sin City.
by Eptiger March 17, 2005
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The scene is an eco-system consisting of scene babies, straight-edge kids, hardcore kids, &f.s.d.
The scene babies mainly feed on a plant called Blue Onion (a secret blend of herbs &spices &local bands which started the scene) which they eat because they are vegan. They have sex with only other scene babies &involuntarily have sex with hardcore kids. They serve no real purpose. While the straight-edge kids spend a majority of their time in a coffee shop feeding on coffee beans, they do not reproduce with anyone because it's against their morals. (Their symbol for straight-edge usually consists of three x's "XXX"). Hardcore (aka "hxc") kids are found mainly at Cornerstone &wherever they can pray on the scene babies. Eating scene babies makes them hard, so they reproduce with them first. They don't have much of a purpose, but they do deliver some pretty sweet break-downs. When it comes down to F.S.D. however, they are only found in concert halls waiting on the availability of band members to give them dome. They wear band shirts such as Chiodos &Boys Like Girls while they deliver this dome. Don't get me wrong, they don't reproduce, only give dome.

This system is based on true logic &The Scene is growing rapidly.

(There are also stoners but they're too awesome to put into the scene system with the others)
hxc kid- "Hey are you a scene baby?"
scene baby- "Yeah why are you hxc?"
hxc kid- "Sure am!"
*scene baby runs away screaming*
f.s.d.- "I'm f.s.d. want some dome?"
hxc kid- "Sure do!"
straightedge kid- "that's not right!"

stoner- "those kids from the scene need to smoke a blunt".
by amanda coberly May 15, 2008
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A cluster of scene kids. Often spotted at the mall and cafes.
'ugh, look at the scene'
'Over yonder'
by TAZRAND August 04, 2008
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Now, children, please calm down. This website is for giving people clear definitions on a subject, not for puting certain people down.

Scene is a sub-culture that is spreading around quite quickly. These people wear brightly-colored cloting, such as graphic tees, skinny jeans, childish bows, and neon makeup. They usually have a taste for Hello Kitty, Gloomy Bear, dinosaurs, robots, rainbows, stars, and polka dots. 99.9% of them have MySpace, Buzznet, Bebo, Friendster, Hi5, MyYearbook, VampireFreaks, or other social networking pages. They usually choose career paths such as modeling, music, photography, or business. Thier hair is usually 2+ colors and poofed up and teased. Yes, they may all look the same, but don't all preps look the same? Don't all goths look the same? Dont all emos look the same? They listen to mainly rock, techno, or random music. They say things like "kthnxbai" or "stellar, yo". They have confidence and they dont like to be put down. Yes, I am scene and I think this is a very accurate definition.
Scene posers will:
-Overtease thier hair
-Overuse the lingo
-Type like a 4 year old
-Call YOU a poser
by Alex Abnormal April 23, 2009
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How to be Scene:

First and foremost, your AIM/MSN screen name should be some rad song title and/or lyric. Remember, the more x's you have in it, the more scene you are.

Next, go buy yourself some girl's jeans. Face it, the tighter your jeans are, the more scene you will be, and the more the hardcore kids will hate you for it. Try on a pair of jeans and find that you're a perfect woman's 2? Buy a woman's 0 and suck it in.

After you buy your jeans, go straight to Hot Topic and buy every single band shirt they have. Even if you've never listened to the band, or worse, never head of them either. If people ask you about them, just say you like the "old stuff" and no one will ever know that you actually hate Norma Jean. Never buy anything larger than a Youth Medium. Ever.

Dont forget to pick up a white leather belt on your way out!

So, now you're dressed pretty scene, but how's your hair? Is it dyed black? Maybe with some bleach-blonde streaks? Do your bangs cover one of your eyes? If you answered no to any of these, shut up, grab a pair of scissors, and chop away. Never go and get your hair done, ALWAYS do it yourself.

Good job. Now your hair is the sex. But, your look won't get you anywhere if you dont know how to dance. And by dance, I mean beat the crap out of people. First of all, you need to make sure you claim your space in the pit. As the band starts, push everyone back and scream something obscene. Then you need to start to pace the pit just so everyone knows that you can move in your pants. Pacing the pit involves doing a half walk-half skip across the room, while looking downwards and shaking your head. But dont mess up your hair.

Then, when the time is right trust me, you'll know when throw your arm back and hopefully, you'll hit someone in the face.

5 scene points if his nose bleeds.

Begin two-stepping. If you dont know how to two-step, you might as well leave and go practice in your living room in front of a mirror until you get it. Add some sweet floor-punches and a couple spin-kicks into the crowd, and you're set. Now for the pile up! As everyone runs up to the stage, make sure you go last so you can be that cool kid on top of the pile. If you dont know the words to the song, fake it, and hope that its just screaming.

Your job is done.

Stand in the middle of the floor, with your arms crossed and survey the scene.

Good job scene. Good job.

So you're offically labeled bunshole now that you've given a couple of people black eyes. That's ok, it's the point.

Now that you're back home, go straight for your computer and immediately check your myspace. Get really pissed off when you dont have any friend requests, and get even more pissed off when no one has left you a comment in the 6 hours you werent home. Figure its because you havent updated your pictures in a couple of weeks and go take some more. Take about 80, but use the 2 most flattering ones. Remember, the more skin you show, or if you're sitting on the toilet, the more comments you will get.

Go outside and have a cig break and redraw the black X's on your hands. Afterall, you ARE straightedge. Everyone KNOWS cigs dont count!

Look up at the stars, sigh, and thank god that you're not emo.

Even though you really are.
xxSUICIDALFGTXX: OMGZ! stfu, i'm scene!
by Crystal Sid March 14, 2006
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The answer to the unfortunate and overused fad currently occupying 13-15 year old kids who have yet to learn about a) masturbation or b) cable.
Of the thousands of scene kids out there, none have an original thought, show any creativity, or stand out from any of the other losers who look and act just like them. So sorry guys, we have all scene-it.
by Pointer of the Obvious July 31, 2008
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