A great canadian screamo band, with one screamer and one singer, a great harmony.
'Did you go to the alexisonfire concert last night?'
by the_thriftstore July 21, 2005
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Canadian Rock band consisting of Dallas Green, George Pettit, Wade Macneil, Chris Steele and Jordan Ratbeard Hastings. Album include: Alexisonfire, Watch Out and Crisis. Named after lactating contortionist stripper Alexis Fire. Pronounced Alexis-on-fire not Alex-is-on-fire.
"I listen to Alexisonfire"
by breeeeeeee January 06, 2007
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A Canadian screamo (emocore) band from St. Catherines, Ont.
They have screamer George Petit, guitar/vocals Wade MacNiel (aka Wade Preston), guitar/vocals Dallas Green, bassist Chris Steele, and drummer Jordan "Ratbeard" Hastings. They have released 3 full albums and a split ep with band .Moneen. George, Wade, and Jordan are in a side project called "The Black Lungs". Dallas is pursuing s solo side project called "City And Colour" You can buy his first album "Sometimes" in stores.
Man, I just love Alexisonfire's style, they are a great band! GO CANADA!
by ScreamingSyllables September 13, 2006
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Canadian band; not screamo; does indulge in occasional screaming. Excelling songs include 'Rough Hands'; '44. Caliber Love Letter' and 'That Girl Posessed'. Name is pronounced Alexis on fire. Named after the worlds only lactating contortionist stripper.
"Wow; I found a new underground band last night; call themselves Alexisonfire!"
by synonymforcliche April 14, 2008
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The incorrect way to pronounce the name of the amazing screamo band Alexisonfire (the correct pronounciation being alexis-on-fire).
by godlovesaliar June 25, 2006
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