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*Something bad happens* "AW FUCK!"

See Oh Shit for more.
by JSwanson December 14, 2007
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An exclamation when you make a small mistake, and one that can be easily fixed; opposite of oh fuck
Friend #1: Hey man I got some soda for us
Friend #2: nice! Did you get MnMs?
Friend #1: Aw fuck, I’ll be back
by Big_T_lmao December 29, 2021
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What you say when Chuck won't calm down.
"Aw fuck, Chuck's on a killing spree again."
by Haggis McMutton February 8, 2015
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Boss: Can you come in on Saturday?
Me: Awe fuck.
by tattlee August 28, 2008
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Used when overwhelmed by something absurd or displeasing.
JaJa: omfg Halo 3 is gonna cost $99.00
GenGen: wtf mate
JaJa: aw fuck naw I am NOT gonna pay 90 bucks for it
GenGen: Word
by Rodolfo S.J, October 17, 2006
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It's when something is dirty or naughty.

(Chris Anthony says this alot...he's really hot n I wanna BANG him!)
I was up in his bedroom and I don't even know his name...

response: aw fucking nausty
by Hannah July 10, 2004
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v: arriving at chick-fil-a pumped for chicken awesomeness only to realize it's Sunday and they're CLOSED
Dude I totally got chick fil aw fucked last Sunday when we went out for lunch.
by the bearded bacon eater August 18, 2011
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