nickname of shannon by all of her guys...especially 1 in particular her best friend always bothers her about...i swear she doesnt bite though...hard...grrr...

see very wild side
she was such a leapord last night
by homie 15010 August 20, 2004
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the best snuggie in the world(:
alice: did you see that amazing snuggie ?

theresa: it must have been leapord snuggie (:
by a.lover.(: March 7, 2010
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One of the best metal bands ever.
The Def Leapord concert was great!
by Bomb France September 15, 2003
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When you ejaculate on a women's blouse resembling a leapord
I gave her a shirt leapord
by Hollywodguy March 7, 2016
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