drug free...just the way it sounds- not doing drugs. this mostly applies to uncontroled substances and recreational drugs. mostly striaght edge kids would say they are drug free, but anyone can be! there is only one thing you have to do...not do drugs.
Drug free is the way to be!

dude 1: you wanna take a hit, man?
dude 2: nah, i'm staying drug free.
by SXExcore May 26, 2007
A lighter version of Straight Edge, too some people it means still able to drink and smoke squares but of course not do narcotics, inhalents, etc.
"She's not edge."
"Then what is she?"
"Well she doesnt do drugs but she drinks so I guess drug free."
by Max Jellowe September 1, 2007
Usually the place in town with the most drugs.
Man I'm all out of the good stuff, I'd better head to the drug free zone.
by Sam is a Dick May 19, 2007