1. Message set in an instant messanger client that informs people on your buddy list that you are away.
Common messages include: away, brb, and sleeping
My cousin john needs to learn how to use away messages
by KenF December 12, 2005
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A new way of subtly communicating to people, often in the form of song lyrics, quotes, and other things you don't want to say directly to someone else but need to get across.
This girl I knew would always stalk my away messages, so I put one up about being out with my girlfriend so she'd leave me alone.
by Grathol April 13, 2005
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What we used to call status updates back in the day.
We used to inform people of what we ate for dinner through an away message.
by cmiller4642 June 8, 2010
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A suicide note. A note that one writes before they kill themselves.
Kurt Cobain quoted Neil Young in his away message
by nobhdy April 25, 2007
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When someone puts a message on their instant messenger signifying the fact that they can't talk at that moment.
When Jane had to leave the computer, she put up an away message.
by Susie February 19, 2005
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When using AIM or a similar instant messaging service, and your away message comes up in response to someone elses away message.
Twitch: ok, just finished Caprica and the 1st actual episode.... I know you've been telling me this s***t for years, but damn, Battlestar = pretty damn awesome.

Auto response from george: Away

Auto response from Twitch: I am away from my computer right now.

Twitch: dueling away messages!
by erictwitch November 24, 2009
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A person who chooses to: 1.list several things they are going to be doing in the time following the setting of the away message to the time that that they return, 2.explain in unnecessary detail of the adventures that they are partaking in, or 3.someone who is leaving for a trip and decides to leave an extensive list of things they will be doing.
"My friend is such an 'away message author', he completely makes an elaborate story about what he's doing!"

Ex.1.- Hey, i'm not here, i'm going to wal-mart, then to the mall, then to the bathroom, then home, then.....
Ex.2.- i'm gone right now. i'm at the mall with friends. i'm going to go see a movie, pay $3.50 for a bag of popcorn, leave half of the bag uneaten, throw it away, enjoy the movie, leave, go drive to.....
Ex.3.- sorry, im not here, i'm in houston watching a baseball game. so i could be:
a. in a car
b. getting gas
c. eating candy
d. drinking soda
e. watching the game
f. driving home
g. .....
by Snoop Doggy Bryce August 10, 2006
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