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an elaborate system for calculating popularity commonly joked about among scenesters and scenester wannabes. everybody know what they are but no one will actually admit they exist.

for example, these things give you scene points:
-straight edge
-black hair over face
-collecting vinyl
-having obscure band merch
-wearing tight pants
-being friends with bands, promoters, etc.

these things make you lose scene points:
-wearing volcom, zero, hurley, etc.
-liking good charlotte
-asking for an autograph
-driving (scene kids walk/take the bus)
-having anything to do with rap
-getting a tan
Aw fuck! I can't make it to the show tonight! There go my scene points.
by xbloodlossx June 18, 2004

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adj. (music) referring to the hardcore scene, especially of the straight edge variety (symbolized by the x)

n. (music) the hardcore scene, of which there are two major varieties:
1. fashionxcore, etc.: the blood brothers, eighteen visions, atreyu, the bled, etc.
2. old school/tough guy, etc.: madball, hatebreed, throwdown, bane, converge
This bandana will make me look so hxc.
by xbloodlossx June 19, 2004

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n. genre of music derived from old school hardcore focusing mainly on style and aesthetics rather than the traditional ideals of brotherhood and unity

adj. of or pertaining to fashioncore as a genre.
Eighteen Visions' album 'Vanity' is the epitome of fashioncore.

That fashioncore kid has black and blond dyed hair with long bangs but spiked up at the back. I envy his awesome style and his tight pants.
by xbloodlossx June 18, 2004

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