Verb for drooling or having saliva pour forth from one's mouth- usually due to being so into something you don't notice you haven't shut your mouth.
The hungry teen was salivating over a hamburger picture on the television.
by Blue Mazohizumu March 10, 2005
A box set by the band Tool of either a CD/DVD or CD/VHS, which includes 8 songs and 4-5 music videos. It was realesed in 2000, and is a limited edition set no longer produced. A must have for any TOOL fan.
Wow, I just bought the Salival DVD box set! And they're out of print!
by Chris Maynard Jones December 18, 2008
The euphoria you feel after a fantastic meal.
I thought I saw God, hat brisket was sooooo good, it had to be Salivation!
by ilookmarvlus February 14, 2020
when your mouth droops liquid and starts to tingle
I started to salivate while looking at the glorious toe
by Cecilia Miller September 24, 2020
A clinical term for the moistening of the vagina due to it's intense hungering for the cock.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury: What we have here is a clear cut example of intense vaginal salivation. The defendant in question soaked through three mattresses and a waterbed in her unholy quest for sexual fulfillment.
by Ian Broswell August 26, 2010
The horde of drooling hipsters that descends upon thrift stores as soon as yet another piece of vintage attire (see: hipster glasses) enters the mainstream of the non-conformist mob.
I was just looking for some cheap t-shirts and then the freakin' salivation army took the place over. I was swimming in '80s terrycloth headbands and PBR-flavoured spit in about two seconds.
by anthubc2010-salivationarmy October 5, 2010
making out. aka exchange saliva, aka tonsil baths, aka swishing oral liquids.
megann and david really like salivic exchange. one time i caught their salivic exchange on tape! in my bed!
by LATOOSH April 18, 2011