1) Adj. Response when you are happy, but surprised or shocked by what was said.

2) Adj. Response to an insult. Often said by sassy african american women on Jerry Springer etc.
1) smarmy tv show host: you've just won a years supply of Snack Packs!
Fat guy: shut-your-mouth

2) Some chick: You stole my man? You dirty scank!
Sassy chick: You shut your mouth! He dont want you no more. MmmHmm (followed by clicking fingers from side to side)
by sweetheart21 March 3, 2007
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A way to say 'mother fucker' without being offensive and vulgar.
Suppose you're with your grandma at her usual bing spot. One of the elderly spills his drink all over your back. You yell "Mother-" but catch your felf and say "Mother-shut-your-mouth". You are now the sweetest person for not cursing.
by MANTISscream April 29, 2009
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"your mother'
by That Hippie Guy November 13, 2010
Shut up but with more force.

The alternative is shut your trout mouth
-Annoying person is talking

You say:
"You shut your GOAT mouth" OR
"You shut your TROUT mouth"
by SIUeeeeeee July 1, 2009
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a phrase said to a woman after it is found that she speaks out of turn or profoundly, usually followed by a punch or slap to the face.
ren: "me and my wife are going to go golfing today."

mike: "oh really? you're going to that old, run down course by the river, right?"

jenny: "it's a nice course!"

*ren slaps jenny*

ren: "you shut your whore mouth when men are talking!"
by dagreatdane4 July 2, 2009
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Basically, It means: “Shut your offensive mouth.”
My bitter rival: Dude, Why do you like that show: Soul Eater?? That show is stupid and the plot is obscure!!
Me: Shut your whore mouth!
by ScreamoKevin December 9, 2020
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Boi shut your fucking mouth
Nigga shut your fucking mouth or i'm gonna kick your ass
by countrykindaguy May 1, 2016
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