A fat man's tits. used to criticize fat men, especially by the beaches. Origninated from the word- droop. droop means hanging/saggy/greasy kinda.

other forms of the word- droopies, droopy ass tits
two kids walking down the lake see a fat man without his shirt.

Kid #1- hey look at that fat ass!
Kid #2- woah!
Fat Man- leave me alone
Kid #1- we would if you would put your shirt on
Kid #2- yeah man put away those god damn nasty ass droops
Fat man- ok ok i will! im sorry.
by Luke Lay February 4, 2008
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Drunk poops. Very runny, sometimes painful poops taken the morning after a night of partying.
Yo, Tommy, I think I've got a case of the droops.
by CJ42290 May 4, 2011
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A droop droop is a female that abides by a man's request without question. This woman is not a girlfriend of the man and will never be promoted to any sort of committed relationship with him. Despite this, the female cooks, does laundry and willingly offers and engages in sexual favors.
Is that your girlfriend in the kitchen cooking dinner?
Nah dawg, that ain't my girlfriend... das my droop droop.
by The Croft January 5, 2011
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A word used to describe a really ugly and bratty girl with a droopy face. The person is usualy someone who thinks they are pretty but are not.
Person 1: "Look, it's Rachel Fastow bitch whore stuckup."
Person 2: "Yeah she's got major Droops!"
by mhmm;) April 21, 2011
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One who cries often and/or shits his own pants, and/or has no eye brows, thus giving them the droopy facial feature. Usually a given nickname
Kyle: LOL! Droops just got shit his pants!
Ben: Droops being Droops, look at him cry!
by Cry baby droops August 3, 2010
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Drip with less flex.

Have you seen someone that obviously has drip? But... they are only wearing a sweat suit? Yeah... that person has droop.
Nice pjs. Ughhhh you have drip usually.... but now you have droop.

Chloe and Matthew both have droop. 24/7.
by Lukecoldisaword April 11, 2021
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