Something to eat when you are bored
I could totally eat some toes right now
by lexi_2005 February 06, 2020
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A growth digit at the tip of your foot created for the sole purpose of demonstrating horrible pain when you stub it against a corner or wall.
Joe: *joe stubs his toe* “GOD fucking damn it MY TOE” *joe proceeds to shriek hysterically in pain*
by exserohilum November 18, 2019
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(v.) to sexually please a female with your toe... just the big one...
I've been fisted... now i wanna be toed!!!
by KatNat05 March 17, 2009
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Little hands for your feet. Used by the human race when we were in the early stages of evolution, e.g. Apes
Guy: Duuddee, do you ever think, like do you ever think, wait for it, do you ever look at your feet realise that your toes are little hands for your feet?
Like what would we grab with them? Would we make food with them?

Girl: Give me the brownies Danny.
by marcussparkus September 07, 2014
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To describe a person or a group of people who believe they are doing something that is cute or attractive but in reality look unspeakably bad
Did you see kelly's snapchat story? It's so toe!
by peter piper picked a peck December 14, 2016
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