Little hands for your feet. Used by the human race when we were in the early stages of evolution, e.g. Apes
Guy: Duuddee, do you ever think, like do you ever think, wait for it, do you ever look at your feet realise that your toes are little hands for your feet?
Like what would we grab with them? Would we make food with them?

Girl: Give me the brownies Danny.
by marcussparkus September 07, 2014
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Sort of like a finger, but it's shorter and it lives in your shoe.
by blii February 19, 2003
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Toronto Tamil gang, affiliated with the west side tamil gangs of toronto and also Kennedy and Lawerence gang of scarborough. T.O.E stands for Thugged out entertainment.
there is no example for T.o.e
by Jose santos April 11, 2005
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