Basically means overrated. But when something is overhyped it is really too much. Been there, done that. Enough said.

Can be used to say to describe a state of high elation.
I am feeling totally overhyped after watching that bboying vid! It was sick!

Christmas is totally overhyped, it's not even gone October yet and we're already being bombared from every direction with it, as if preparing for it were the single most important oncoming event in our lives.
by Bah Zah October 30, 2010
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When something or someone gets talked about or praised too much.
I don't get the overhype about the movie frozen .
by Luvbug8 September 14, 2018
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When a person builds up something so much that it takes a life of it's own. To Brag about something exagerate.
My father would tell all his friends that I was the best attorney in town, when in fact I was only attending a pre-law class at Jr. College. I was a total Victim of Overhype!
by Poloman 619 July 7, 2009
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anything that Daddy-kk#1319 says is good (when it comes to anime)
Naruto is peak fiction AND its good (SHIT AND OVERHYPED )
by Mr.W111111 September 12, 2021
blizzards new marketing campaign Overwatch (blizzard fanboys team fortress 2)
I'm not buying overhype it's just a shit team fortress 2
by the_blah May 25, 2016
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