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Children, especially really annoying, hyper children who always seem to be getting into trouble and/or everyone's way.
Can't I ever get a good quiet meal at this restaurant? Every time I go here, there are always a few rug rats running around who don't look where they're going!
by pentozali April 09, 2007
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Small child, usually still at the crawling stage. Usually a negative word.
I had not invited John to the barbecue, in case he brought his rugrats with him.
by Flash Wilson January 05, 2004
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a cartoon on nick that started in the early 90's then cancelled and picked up again later. contains a bald 'main' baby, his redheaded sidekick and the rest of the 'crew'. they have adventures in imaginationland but parents cant understand them, except angelica who is the 'big kid' can talk to them and adults too.
tommy: lets go to cottoncandyfunland today!
chucky: but its scary there ):

by loljk December 31, 2008
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A kid or ankle-biter. There's a TV show with the same name.
"A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do." -- Rug Rats
by Octopod November 05, 2003
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One of the earliest Nickelodeon cartoons. The show mainly focuses on 4 babies (Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil) and 2 three year olds (Angelica and Susie). In the later episodes, two more babies were added to the show (Dil and Kimi).

Despite popular opinion, I don't think the newer episodes with Dil and Kimi are that bad. This show has it's good episodes, new or old.
Rugrats is a decent cartoon, one of Nickelodeon's best cartoons.
by Superswiper January 17, 2008
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a show about little babies who go on little adventures, and have little experiences,that we would be to old to appreciate. it was overall a good show until they started making the crappy movies, which totally runied the whole franchise.
old rugrats own
new ones
by soccermomofdoom July 16, 2006
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Rugrats is a children's show that started off in 1991. At first it had very good humor, but now its just a bunch of toddlers on crack, so obnoxious they think that the world is theirs.
Tommy: Alright. Lets go suck my dads balls.
rest of rugrats: Yaaay!!11
by hanes June 29, 2005
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