Why we can't have nice things
Everything wrong with League of Legends
Why they let you surrender
User1: They have a Teemo
User2: Surrender at 20
User3: Agreed
by Lord Revan77 November 23, 2016
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An annoying pissant gerbil, grinning as he fucks up your shit, the stinky bastard will ruin your whole teamfight.
That fucking Teemo and his fucking mushrooms and his fucking blind.
by FuckTeemoInHisGerbilAss November 16, 2012
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Teemo a little fucking op piece of fucking shit in League of Legened.
by Ragin Asian22 January 28, 2017
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you think the bombs from ww2 and hitlers time were fucking op then you have never seen a fucking piece of shit teemo who ruins everything.

Teemo main: hi im a teemo main
every fucking league of legends player: FUCKING KILL YOURSELF
im a teemo main and i need to kill myself
by i hate teemo April 18, 2021
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The most bad-ass champion in the RTS game, League of Legends. Don't let his cuddly appearance fool you, because Teemo will fuck your shit up - particularly with his mushrooms.
Teemo's DPS will rape your face.
by Mawnikuh November 16, 2010
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A "teemo" is a person whose friends prefer not to play games with him, because he cheats and ends up breaking the game.
"No I'm not going to play Monopoly with him, he's such a teemo. He always undercuts everyone and ends up flipping the board over if he's losing."
by jaramanga October 19, 2015
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