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An upstanding, worthy, honorable adult person of either sex. Fr. German and Yiddish for "human being." Cf. Chinese jin, literally "man" but with similar meaning.
Be a mensch! Admit your mistake and make things good.
by Octopod November 08, 2003

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Perform an act in a perfunctory, uncommitted fashion, as if it didn't matter.
She sang the National Anthem, but she was just phoning it in as far as I could tell.
by octopod November 08, 2003

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Annoying misuse of the word 'anyway." Probably part of the language now, just to annoy curmudgeons like me.
So, she's all "Anyways, let's go shopping at Target! "
by octopod May 30, 2004

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Juvenile hall; children's prison
He was driving a Porsche, not his own, with three joints in his pocket. Guess what? They sent him to juvie for six months.
by Octopod November 09, 2003

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Butt-fucking; anal intercourse; penetrating the rosebud with one's prong.
Captain Pissgums and his pervert pirates were always cornholing one another and anything else that moved.
by octopod June 13, 2004

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Former Pres. and Mrs. (Sen.) Clinton. A famous marriage of convenience seen as a unit, though Bill's unit may be elswhere
Billary -- they still run the Democrat Party.
by Octopod November 08, 2003

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1. Arabic term meaning "infidel.' See kafir, kaafir. Plural kufaar, kaafirun.

2. Borrowed into Afrikaans and S. African English as insulting term for an African.
Under apartheid, the "kaffirs" had to live in locations.
by octopod July 11, 2004

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