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Impressive at first but with experience, found to be stupid or unimaginative
"That John Kerry seems to have gravitas."
"He's a mile wide and an inch deep."
by Octopod April 11, 2004
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Annoying misuse of the word 'anyway." Probably part of the language now, just to annoy curmudgeons like me.
So, she's all "Anyways, let's go shopping at Target! "
by Octopod May 30, 2004
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Oregonian champion ice skater, celebrity boxer, and troublemaker, but for all that, a beautiful resilient person from the wrong side of the tracks. In short, America's sweetheart.
The picture of Tonya Harding climbing down from the pickup in a floor-length gown is beautiful.
by Octopod June 28, 2004
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A Canadian two-dollar coin. See looney.
He gave me a coin, no bills. I said "What's this?" "A tooney." Damned clever, these frostbacks.
by Octopod November 23, 2003
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Any kind of stereotypically male banter or sparring, verbal or otherwise; from the habit of boys in high schoo locker rooms snapping towels at each others' butts.
I used to watch the political towel-snapping on "The McLaughlin Group."
by Octopod November 20, 2003
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The first you-name-the-ethnic-group has moved in, and the racist neighbors are restless.
"We're from Remulac. It's a village in France."
"There goes the neighborhood."
by Octopod November 6, 2003
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