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An ironic riposte to an emotional or invective-laden tirade, meaning, more or less, "You've achieved the maximum of outrage."
So you say the teacher is a festering, mold-encrusted, reeking squid.

Now tell us how you really feel!
by Octopod May 27, 2006
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Sarcastic agreement, meant to convey disagreement.
"John Kerry is a statesman."
"Yeah, right!"
by Octopod May 30, 2004
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Ironic or sarcastic expression of agreement that really means disagreement or dismissal. See whatever.
No, Howard Dean is a man of character and conviction . . .
Yeah, right!
by Octopod November 22, 2003
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Impressive at first but with experience, found to be stupid or unimaginative
"That John Kerry seems to have gravitas."
"He's a mile wide and an inch deep."
by Octopod April 11, 2004
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Balls, testicles (Italian); meaning courage, strength of character, masculinity. See break my balls
That Kerry, he was in the war, but in politics he ain't got no coglioni
by Octopod April 28, 2004
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(1) A paddy, mick, Irishman. MIldly pejorative. Refers to the national instrument of Eire.
(2) A harmonica or mouth organ.
"I'm always sharp
When playin' the harp,
'Cause my heart belongs to Daddy!"
-- Cole Porter
by Octopod November 6, 2003
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