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when a party/'event', usually one which contains weed and beer, is ended because cops came in and basically took over. totally fucks up someones night,
Person 1-"hey man, how was that party last night?"
Person 2-"dudee, shitty ass party got raided!"
Person 1-"fuck dude, that suckks!"
by my yearr August 29, 2009
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Another term for the second meaning of "sloppy seconds".
A.K.A. when a guy licks/sucks a girl's boobs.

Sloppy seconds is a bad (and confusing) term due to it's other meaning. Also, phrasing the action any other way sounds awkward and displeasing. "Raided" is a new word that should be spread around AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!

(Raid, raided.)
1) The made out a lot, and then he raided her.

2) He raided me last night. It was nice.
by MarvinMarvin January 19, 2010
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the act of raiding, to informally suggest that someone has been defeated unfairly.
by jeremy February 06, 2003
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1) The act of being viciously raped then brutally murdered

2) Can also be meant in a video game sense, the complete domination of an opponent, as if to "virtually" rape then murder an adversary.
- "The Capetown Raider was finally brought to justice today after being found raiding small dogs to keep off the radar"

- "I totally just put the entire other team on their knees and raided each and every one of them until i threw up from success"
by THE Omega Chicken October 10, 2011
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