A NFL QB that has to sneeze every time he scores
cam newton must have some alergies when he scores
by Maxanator February 25, 2016
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To steal one's laptop and subsequently toss it out a window.
If you don't shut up, I'm going to Cam Newton your laptop!
by Jbell255 November 10, 2010
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The starting Auburn QB who has been under scrutiny all year long. The most storied NCAAF player this year. He also took 200,000+ dollars from multiple colleges and has been arrested 6 times. Still a damn good player
Cam Newton just took the money and ran for the touchdown!
by Thaddeus Pimpin January 1, 2011
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The guy that would have taken most of the blame if he started and the Patriots were failing to win (not the owner or coach).
The owner and coach most likely got vaccinated for the same reason they got rid of Cam Newton, they don't want to look bad to the masses, right or wrong.
by The Original Agahnim September 30, 2021
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Selling full boat and RAP on a ticket.
I heard Kyle, you know that guy that wears his hair like Justin Bieber, sells really good but can't fuck with a Cam Newton
by Bobo Manjam January 21, 2011
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A person who is not particularly intelligent or good looking but has an extraordinary ability. Generally speaking they wouldn't usually excel in life but are seven feet tall and can throw a ball. In rare cases they have a touch of tard and play for the Carolina Panthers.
bro 1: "Dude that's just wrong."
bro 2: "What you mean."
bro 1: "That man's obviously mentally challenged and they force him to throw a ball around and cover it up by telling him he's superman and give him all the yogurt he can eat."
bro 2: "Yeah man saw his game the other night every time he scores his little heart gets so excited he has a mini stroke."
bro 1: "Heard they tell him it's just a dance move and now his whole team mocks him."
bro 2: "It's indeed sad bro the kids used to cry when they saw his separated eyes and shrek ears but dammit they love those footballs."
bro 1: "Yep that's a Cam Newton for sure"
by Buckda95 January 29, 2016
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A quarterback that lost his job because he wasn't vaccinated, which is kind of like someone trying to push you out of your job and town for not wearing a mask.
Cam Newton would've been as available and dependable as any other player, with or without a vaccine. Not being compliant and not being able to do what you're paid to do is two different things. The reality is the owner and coach don't want anything that might make them look bad in today's climate. There's a lot of people these days worried about looking bad to other people, which is why you see so many people complying with the machinations of the people making lots of money off the panic of the pandemic, surrendering, wearing masks, and getting vaccines.
by The Original Agahnim September 30, 2021
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